Online Article Reboot - Rethinking Science's online research articles

This project focuses on rethinking how our articles are presented to online readers and offers some alternative approaches in layout, functionality, and utility. We are starting with one research paper as a blank canvas on which to experiment with some new features. Please have a look – and give us your comments, wish lists, and criticisms.

See the Prototype (version 0.1)

Features at a Glance

  • Tabbed Navigation
  • Article Overview Tab including Article Summaries and Author Profiles
  • Inline Figure Viewer
  • Integrated Methods Section and Supplementary Material
  • Inline Glossary Links
  • Sortable Reference List

Frequently Asked Questions

 Why did you choose this particular research article for the prototype?
 Do I need to use a specific browser to view this prototype?
 Some features don’t seem to work. Is something wrong with my browser?
 Why "reboot" the current HTML version? I read the PDF/print version and it works fine!
 What happens next?
 When will we see changes implemented for all Science papers online?

Get Involved

We need your ideas and feedback to help us make this project become what you need. Please tell us what you think, what you like, don’t like or what’s missing...

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